Moderator Team

The MASA Moderation Team is responsible for ensuring the RTAW Forum is run smoothly and users are aware of the rules & guidelines.They also assist businesses to ensure they meet commercial guidelines & are posting in the correct forums.

To see the current list of team-members, please see the Moderator Team usergroup.

Each of MASA's member societies (6 in all) put forward a list of moderators to be part of the Team, so Moderators are located in many different areas of Australia. This Team work together as the Moderation Team, using the forum itself as their primary means of communication.

If you are interested in being part of the MASA Moderation Team, you need to

- be a member of one of the MAS's (local societies)

- have been an active member of the RTAW Forum for at least a few months.

To be part of the Moderator Team, please apply to your MAS and they will either approve or reject the application. If you are rejected, please understand that it is likely because they are not familiar with you and need to be cautious of who they approve to become a representative of MASA.

All Moderators carry the MASA Moderator rank next to their username: