September 2008 - Michael Budiman
Congratulations to Michael Budiman on winning TOTM for September 2008 with his beautiful, flourishing tank. 

Michael is known as michael budiman on the RTAW Forums and you can read more about his tank in his Tank Journal.


Where do I start? I've been in the hobby for 5 years, started out with a 2 foot cube, fluros lights and canister filter. 
Then upgraded to a 5 foot tank with matrix system and 150w mh. I mainly kept lps and softies which I found very interesting at the time. 
The tank was my pride and joy, I could spend hours just looking at the tank. That was until I had a car accident which was just devastating, beside my tank, I was also into sports car. I spent countless hours and money. After the accident, I started slacking off, not doing water changes, weekly water test. Everything just started to die, so I decided to start over and get a new 6x2x2 made. 

Initially I just wanted a morph tank and some nice angels. One day I just browsing around on the net and stumbled across this masa site, I started looking at the tank of the month and was instantly inspired by the tanks that have won. Freddy Fragfingaz was my favorite. Then I started noticing the sps corals, which I find is so colorful and fascinating. I started to search for more info on these corals. I knew then I'm going to make my tank an sps tank. So I upgraded the 150w to a 250w and added a vortech and tunzes. 

Current set up 
6x2x2 connected to a 2 foot frag tank. 
Setup for roughly 1.5 years 

3x1.5 foot sump used to have macro but took it out since I started using Zeovit. 


Main tank 120kg of live rock and 10cm sand bed 
Sump 10cm sand and 30kg live rock 
Zeovit system 
Reef Octopus DNW200 skimmer 

Water flow/movement 
1 Vortech 
1 tunze 6101 

2x6045 tunze nano 

Currently 2x250w with lumenbright reflectors with 12k reeflux globes 
1x400w with lumenarc reflector with 12k reeflux globes 
6x24w t5 guppys unit. 4xfiji purple, 2xati blue plus. 
Will be upgrading the 250w to a 400w icecap ballast soon 

Other equipment 
Tunze auto top up, top up with RO water. 
Aquamedic KR1000 calcium reactor. 
Teco TR15 chiller 
Pond master 6500lph return 


Water parameters 
Salinity 1.025 
PH 8.1 
KH 8 Salifert 
cal 400 Salifert 
Mg 1250-1300 Salifert 
P04 0.01 Salifert 
N03 0 Salifert 
potassium 380-400 KZ 

Additives and conditioners 
Zeo Additives 
coral vitalizer 
Potassium Iodide Fluoride 
Sponge Power 
Stylo Pocci Glow 
Coral Extra 
B Balance 
K balance 
Amino Acid 


5 chromis 
2 ocellaris clown fish 
1 flame back pygmy angel 
1 kole tang 

Morphs. etc 

Trochus snails 
Maxima clams 


10% weekly water change using NSW 
clean glass 2xweek 
skimmer cup 1xweek 


I would like to thanks RTAW for giving me the TOTM. I would like also thanks to, Michael from Reefing Life for supplying the Zeo products and his great service, Paul from Ocean Reeflection, for the great sort of corals week after week, Heath from Qld coral creations and Kims aquatics. 
Adrian (amashun) and Thai (bluesniper) for help and advice they given me.