Welcome to the homepage of the Marine Aquarium Societies of Australia Orphans Group

The MASAOG society was formed to provide an information resource and member facilities for those States and Territories with limited hobbyists that could not sustain a group in their own right. We currently cater for South Australia, Tasmania both the Australian Capital and Northern Territories along with remote and regional areas outside the boundaries of other Marine Societies.  

MASAOG's purpose is to strive to protect and promote the interests of marine aquarists in the regions described above by observing and upholding the official objects of the society.       


    (1) To act as an information resource for all Australian marine aquarists.

    (2) To bring the marine aquarium hobby together within Australia, to allow growth and sharing of knowledge and expertise.

    (3) To work with all relevant organisations, both state, national and international, in order to:
      • Educate, inform, and support best practices for sustainability, and
      • Encourage captive propagation and thereby encourage advances in marine aquarium husbandry and further reduce collection impact on the environment.

    (4) To offer assistance to hobbyist, being part the establishment and ongoing administration of the Marine Aquarium Societies of Australia (MASA).

    (5) To actively promote sustainable practices in the hobby, including, but not limited to:
      • Captive propagation, both recreationally and commercially, and
      • Drastic reductions in mortality rates during collection, handling and holding animals within the commercial sphere of the hobby.

    (6) To act as a political voice at both the state and federal level on issues pertaining to marine aquarium keeping.

    (7) To provide common online resources to enhance the feeling of community amongst reef keepers.       

A growing number of members have internet access and keep regular contact via the RTAW forum . Members of MASAOG have access to our own Orphans Group Forums. This great resource is a must for the new aquariust and a great social arena to discuss anything from Water Chemistry to funny experiences of the hobby.