Businesses & MASA: RTAW Forum Signatures

Business Signature Guidelines

Business are required to have the following information contained in the signature of their RTAW Forums User Account.

In addition to the above, the following contact information are also allowed in business signatures.

  • Persons name
  • Position in Business
  • Street or Mailing Address
  • Contact phone and/or fax number
  • Opening/contact hours
  • E-mail address
  • Website
  • Details of any direct MASA/MASx member benefit

The following are not allowed in business signatures.

  • Any form of advertising including slogans
  • Images other than the RTAW Business Directory Icon

Business signatures must conform to the following format guidelines

  • Be limited to no more than four lines of text
  • RTAW Business Directory Icon placed on a separate row beneath the text lines.
  • Text size must be no greater font size 9 (phpBB font size small)
  • Other formatting limited to the use of bold, italics, underlines, colours and BBCode links.

Editing your Signature

To edit your signature open the User Control Panel at the top of any RTAW forum page then under the Profile Tab select "Edit Signature" and enter the appropriate information in the Signature text box. Use the BBcode [b]Business Name[/b] to show your business name in Bold.

An example of an acceptable signature is

Joe's Aquariums: 123 Smith St, Birdsville, QLD
(07) 1234 5678

The code to achieve the above is as follows. You can copy and paste this directly into your signature (editing the relevant parts of course - in blue below).

[b]Insert Business Name (required):[/b], Insert Address (if required)
Insert Phone # (if required), Insert Website url (if required)

[directory]Insert Business Directory ID Number[/directory]

Your Business Directory ID Number can be found in the URL address of your business listing, for example the URL address for the Red Sea Ltd business listing is,com_sobi2/sobi2Task,sobi2Details/catid,56/sobi2Id,126/Itemid,151/ the directory ID number is 126 shown here as "sobi2Id,126", open the Business Directory from this link,com_sobi2/Itemid,151/ and search for your particular listing, once you have your dedicated listing viewable on screen simply look at the URL in the address bar to see your ID Number.