Businesses & MASA: Individual Business Forums


In addition to the General Business Forum(s) that are available to be used by all registered businesses we offer the option for our MASA Business Partners to have their own forum in the Business Forum section. The creation of a new forum on RTAW Forums is not something that we undertake lightly and like forums in the other sections of RTAW such as the Aquaria Forums, Community Forums or the Trading Forums when we create a new forum we do so with the expectation that it will deliver incremental value to our registered users and to our forums overall. To achieve this we offer two options for the creation and ongoing use of an individual Business Forum.

Unconditional Business Forum (Full fee): 

Other than compliance with the RTAW Forum rules, an Unconditional Business Forum can be run as seen fit by the business concerned. The additional funds generated through this option will be used to deliver incremental value to RTAW in an area determined by MASA.

Conditional Business Forum (Discounted):

The focus of a new Business Forum under the conditional options remains that incremental value is delivered however the delivery of that value is largely delegated to the business concerned through a set of conditions agreed to prior to it's creation. These conditions are to be based around the following three criteria and are to include a reference as to how they will deliver additional value to RTAW. They will also be periodically reviewed for compliance with the conditions as set out.

  • The forum must be active. (Business must make an average of at least one new post per week).
  • The forum must contain regular new content that is of interest and benefit to registered users of the RTAW Forums.
  • The forum must contain something of direct regular benefit to MASx members.

Some examples of conditions that are likely to be acceptable are

  • MASx member deals/specials
  • Spot Specials for RTAW users
  • Promotion of sponsored event via individual forum
  • Educational articles

Order of Individual Forums within Business Forum Group

At the beginning of each month the order of the individual forums Business Forum Group will be adjusted to reflect the total thread count of each forum (high->low).

Individual Business Forum Rates 

The rates for individual business forums are located in the Table of Fees in our Business Partnership Forum.