Businesses & MASA: Banner Advertising


MASA runs a permanent banner ad space on the top of each page on the entire RTAW website (with the current exception of RTAW Reefpedia due to a technical issue). This is used for a combination of paid advertising from registered businesses and the promotion of MASA features and activities. Banner ads are created through a campaign which runs for a defined period of time and may comprise of one or more individual banners.

Guaranteed Performance

Paid campaigns are guaranteed to receive a minimum number of views. Should a campaign not reach this minimum number then the campaign will be extended free of charge until the minimum number is reached. Further information on guaranteed performance is located in the Business Partnership Forum.

Campaign Weightings

When a campaign is created it is given a weighting which determines how many views it will receive in relation to all other campaigns that are running concurrently. Default weightings for campaigns are as follows

5 - MASA Business Partner paid banners
4 - RTAW Business User paid banners
3 - MASA/Business promotional/sponsorship banners
2 - General MASA Banners - eg Reefpedia, how to advertise, etc.
1 - Society Banners - eg Join Local Society, meeting banners, etc.

Advertising Rates

The rates for an advertising banner are located in the Table of Fees in our Business Partnership Forum.

Banner Specifications

Banners are required to be

  • 468x60 pixels (standard banner size)
  • no greater than 100kb unless by prior arrangement

MASA/Business promotional/sponsorship banners

Selected initiatives run by MASA will be promoted using a banner ad. Businesses involved in the sponsorship of these intitiatives will be mentioned in the ad free of charge. The click through link however will be directed to an information page on RTAW relating to that initiative rather than to the businesses own website as would be the case with a paid banner ad.