Businesses & MASA: Partnership Schedule

The MASA Partership Schedule details the various ways that businesses can interact with MASA and allows businesses to select those that apply to them. Each of these options has been assigned a points value which reflects our view of their relativity to each other. To qualify for Partnership Status a points total of 1,000 must be achieved.

The Partnership Schedule is made up of a number of different categories which each contain a series of different options. The categories within the Partnership Scedule are:

  • Direct benefits to MASx members
    • Member discounts
    • Promotions, Competitions & Sponsorship
  • Memberships
  • Local Society Membership
  • In Store
  • Display of promotional/informational material
  • Hosting meetings
  • Website
  • Links to MASA Website
  • MASA member pricing incorporated in website
  • MASA relationship explained
  • Communications and other promotional methods 
  • Messages sent on behalf of or in promotion of MASA
  • Inclusion of MASA logo
  • Provision of advertising to MASA
  • General participation 
  • Attendance at meetings
  • Participation on RTAW Forum

To complete the Partnership Schedule, enter the relevant value for the items you wish to select into the cells with a yellow background. The assigned points will be shown against each item and the total number of points is shown at the bottom of the table. Once the 1,000 point total has been reached the description at the top of the page will change from RTAW Business User to MASA Business Partner.

When you have completed the Partnership Schedule and the required number of points has been reached, please send the file to our Partnership Coordinator who will then assess your application and inform you of the outcome. If your application is successful your listing in the RTAW Business Directory and your RTAW Forums User Profile will both be updated to reflect your Partnership Status.