Businesses & MASA: Business Classifications

All businesses that are known to MASA are split into one of two classes. The options available to a business are determined by the class they fall into.

RTAW Business User:  This is the default class. Within this class of businesses there are two sub-classes.

MASA Business Partner: RTAW Business Users who apply for our partnership program and meet the required criteria are classified as MASA Business Partners. As with RTAW Business Users there are also two sub-classes within the MASA Business Partner classification.

  • MASA Business Partner (Standard): In addition to the options available to Registered RTAW Business Users, MASA Partners also receive access to additional options such as Individual Business Forums. MASA Partners also receive a discount on services that attract a fee.
  • MASA Business Partner (Premium): Based on a periodic review of the level of support and engagement with MASA a business may be offered Premium Business Partner status. In recognition of this higher level of support, businesses in this category are acknowledged by more prominent branding in both the RTAW Business Directory and RTAW user profiles as well as being given a better offer on some paid services.