March 2007

Welcome to MASRQ to MASA

On behalf of the Marine Aquarium Societies of Australia Committee, I would like to welcome a new addition to the MASA family.

Marine Aquarium Society of Regional Queensland

What is MASRQ's aim?

It is the ambition of MASRQ to bring greater cohesion and vitality to our growing and dynamic hobby with a particular focus on bringing people together within the regional areas of Qld.

Our initial target is to build up a core membership in the larger regional centres. Each of the major centres and many regional areas of Queensland have seen an expansion in the number of Local Fish Stores (LFS) providing marine products and services which suggests a growing number of hobbyists within our regions. It is our aim to reach and support these new hobbyists by offering our members experience and support in the hope that by doing so we will see a greater success rate of new hobbyists. We believe that more successful marine hobbyists is not only good for the reputation of our hobby but also for the longer term vitality of the marine aquaria sector as a whole, and building a thriving industry providing a more profitable industry for all.

They already have a membership base, have put a substatial amount of work into getting this new society off the ground and we wish them all the best with MASRQ.

The addtion of MASRQ to MASA is exciting and will assist everyone in the growth and development of our community and resources.

You can visit MASRQ website at and find out more information about them, how to join etc.

Till next time.
Dallas Warren
MASA President