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August 2005 PDF Print

Firstly, let’s make a quick introduction for those that don’t know me. My name is Dallas Warren and I have recently been elected to the position of President of the Marine Aquarium Societies of Australia. I thought it would be a good idea to let everyone know out there what has been happening with MASA recently and what is coming in the future. This will become a regular report, to keep all members of MASA out there up to date with what is going on.

MASA Mission 

You might be wondering, who is MASA and what does it have to do with me? Well, MASA, as the name actually suggests, represents all of the marine aquarium societies that currently exist within Australia. Basically, it is an umbrella organisation that was formed to help further the hobby within Australia. MASA is NOT here to run those individual societies, it is to provide support, open up the communication channels between those that exist, and assist those looking to set up a new society. What MASA is looking to do is best summarised in it's mission;

  1. To act as an information resource for all Australian marine aquarists, whether part of a MAS or not.
  2. To bring the marine aquarium hobby together within Australia, to allow growth and sharing of knowledge and expertise.
  3. To work with all relevant organisations, both national and international, in order to:
    • Educate, inform, and support best practises for sustainability, and
    • Encourage captive propagation and thereby encourage advances in marine aquarium husbandry and further reduce collection impact on the environment, via Environmental Policy.
  4. To offer assistance to hobbyists in the establishment and ongoing administration of local marine aquarium societies.
  5. To actively promote sustainable practices in the hobby, including, but not limited to:
    • captive propagation, both recreationally and commercially, and
    • drastic reductions in mortality rates during collection, handling and holding of animals within the commercial sphere of the hobby.
  6. To act as a political voice at both a state and federal level on issues pertaining to marine aquarium keeping.
  7. To provide common online resources to enhance the feeling of community amongst reef keepers.

MASA Member Societies 

With the beginning of the financial year again, this heralds the vacation of positions and subsequent election of the MASA committee for 2005-2006. The MASA committee is built up by a maximum of 2 representatives from each of the existing societies. It is from this pool of representatives that the various committee positions are filled, with a nomination and election processed utilised. Currently, MASA represents;

  • Marine Aquarium Societies of Australia Orphans Group, MASAOG
  • Marine Aquarium Society of Sydney, MASS
  • Marine Aquarium Society of Queensland, MASQ
  • Marine Aquarium Society of Victoria, MASOV
  • Marine Aquarium Society of Western Australia, MASWA

MASA Committee 2005 - 2006 

The new committee for 2005-2006 is as follows, with a listing of the people in each position, their society that they represent and their username on Reefing the Australian Way. Congratulations to those elected to the various positions and thank you for volunteering your time to assist in the running of MASA. Without your time there would not be a MASA.

  • President: Dallas Warren (MASOV aka Dr DBW)
  • Vice President: David Macnamara (MASQ aka Maquaman)
  • Secretary: Jamie Newman (MASOV aka Bandit)
  • Treasurer: Matthew Searles (MASS aka searlesy )
  • Partner Coordinator: Matthew Searles (MASS aka searlesy)
  • Media Liason: Dallas Warren (MASOV aka Dr DBW)
  • Online Resource Manager: Caevan Sachinwalla (MASS aka caevan)
  • General Committee Member: Jimmy Anderson (MASAOG aka Jimmy A), Joel Willis (MASAOG aka JDub), Chris Sutton (MASWA aka venus), Brett Parnell (MASQ aka Spooky)

It is sad to announce that the Marine Aquarium Society of South Australia (MASSA) decided to disbanded and be absorbed into MASAOG. There was insufficient interest and people with time to keep things going. Hopefully in the future enough interest will return in South Australia to revive MASSA. But in the mean time, the good news is that MASAOG has gotten an injection of new members which is helping to get things rolling along further there. Thanks to those within MASAOG who are organising events and providing resources for those that don’t have access to a local society. This is exactly the idea behind the formation of the orphans group.

If you are active online and visit the MASA website (, then you may have noticed the recent move to a new server and new discussion board software. This means that the server issues that we have been suffering for some time have been solved, finally. At this point I must thank Caevan for the immense work and time he put into moving to the new server. It was not a trivial task and there were a number of problems that had to be overcome to make the move as seamless as it was for the users of the website. Also, I would like to thank Jack Finn for the donation of the web server for the site to be hosted on. There are further changes in the pipeline for the MASA website, which I will have more details on in my next report, so stay tuned. If you can’t wait that long, then you can ask your societies MASA representative and they will be able to fill you in.

Till next time.
Dallas Warren
MASA President

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