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Marine Aquarium Societies of Australia Inc - Dallas sp. Award PDF Print
The Marine Aquarium Societies of Australia is proud to award an annual Dallas sp. Award - For excellence in contribution to and promotion of sustainable reef aquariums in Australia.
We have chosen this name to honour one of the MASA community's longest standing supporters, a person who has toiled away since inception and has truly embodied the Australian and MASA reefing spirit in every context of the word. We have named this award to applaud the work of Dr Dallas B Warren as one of the architects and builders of the community that is MASA/RTAW, and to thank him for his years of patience and diligence for which we enjoy the fruits of today.
The name of the award is also intent on sustaining what has colloquially become accepted as the moniker for a particularly hardy green acro (the "Dallas acro" coral) that is commonly fragged among reefers and has reached a level of renown and integrated itself into the reefing community, not unlike it's namesake.
The intent of this Award is to move MASA forward and progress the development of reefing through the MASA Mission.
This prestigious award is carefully considered by the national committee each year and awarded to the nominee who is felt to have dedicated their time and effort to building the reefing hobby in Australia, and contributing to the growth of the Reefing the Australian Way (RTAW) community forum.
Possible candidates are broad in scope and may include, but not limited to, students/undergraduates/postgraduates, private researchers, research organisations, organisations or individuals developing sustainable aquaculture/reefing practices, a society, individual or organisation which has promoted and fostered the development of the hobby in their community.
Nominations may be self or third parts, and close in December each year. Please include supporting information as to why the nominee is a suitable recipient of this Award. The winner is awarded a once-off bursary of $1000 in January.
Sadly we cannot award everyone for their efforts, and we hope that each nominee takes pride in knowing that their nomination is recognition by the Australian reefing community of their efforts and contribution. MASA would also like to acknowledge each and every member of our community who has taken the time to reach out and help, foster or guide fellow reefers on their path, we are the community you make.

2014: Peter Fullarton (username: oceanarium)
Peter and his wife Leanne own and run Oceanarium, an aquaculture business just outside Perth, Western Australia. He has been a long time supporter of MASWA and MASA.
2015: Kevin Erickson (username: Kevin.Erickson)

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