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July 2011 - Marcus2529 PDF Print
Congratulations Marcus on winning TOTM for July 2011 with your beautiful SPS reef tank. Marcus is known simply as marcus2529 on the RTAW forums and you can find out more about his tank in his tank journal.

Firstly, a huge thanks too all that checked out my journal and voted my tank for TOTM. I am humbled to have my tank thought of highly enough to appear here as there are many tanks at RTAW that amaze me each time I check out there journals. I first got into reef keeping around '07. I started with an 'all in one' six foot tank that I slowly modified as I learnt more. This tank served as a very steep learning curve for me, you can read as much as possible before starting but putting it all into practice is a totally different ball game. The tank was a mixed reef and chugged along great, until I came home from work one night to a cracked corner and around 600L of salt water on my carpet. I had lost everything (except the live rock) but I was determined to keep going. I purchased a new 6x2x2 with sump and a bunch of new gear and set up a new mixed reef with some Tangs. This tank unfortunately met the same end as the first, 3 days after I moved house... Crack across the front pane of glass. I saved what I could and sold what remained. I kept a bit of equipment in case the bug bit again, which I am glad I did as a year and a half later I set this tank up. After a year of barely even checking RTAW, I slowly started getting the desire to get back into it. It wasn't until my friend Tyson had set up a 3 foot tank that I realised I was keen to go again. I kept my eye on the classifieds and soon enough a great looking 4 foot tank with sump came along, and here we are.
Display Tank:
4 x 2 x 2. Centre Brace. Right Hand Weir w/ Durso and Back up Pipe.
8 x 54 Dimmable ATI Powermodule, Profilux Simu-Stick.
Power Module filled with ATI tubes as follows (from back to front):
Blue PlusAqua Blue Special
Purple Plus
Blue Plus
Aqua Blue Special
Blue Plus
Aqua Blue Special
Purple Plus
Lighting first comes on at 11am and builds up to full power at 12. All tubes start dimming at 7:30pm till 8:30pm.
A Blue and Purple Plus remain till 10:00pm and the Simu-Stick moonlights take over.
Their brightness depends on the current moon cycle.
Standard 3ft, divided into Skimmer => DSB/Refuge => Return.
Housing Caulerpa.
Refugium Lighting:
120w=24w Energy Saver 5000K.
System Water:
RO/DI Water from PSI System w/ Red Sea Coral Pro Salt.
Water circulation:
1 x VorTech MP40WES (Master),
1 x VorTech MP40W (Slave) set @ 100% in Reef Crest (anti-sync) Mode.
Live Rock:
Return Pump:
Reef Octopus Vortex 1500.
Profilux PIII.
Evaporation Top Up:
Auto Top Up using Stefani Float Valve.
Calcium Addition:
Octopus CalFusion 2000 filled w/ ARM Extra Coarse Media, controlled by a Tunze Co2
Regulator attached to a 2.6kg Co2 Bottle.
Alkalinity Addition:
As above.
Other Chemical Maintenance:
Prodibio Dosing Using: Bioptim, Bio Digest ad Reef Booster.
Current Water Chemistry:(all test's done using Tropic Marin unless stated)
Ammonia: Undetectable
Nitrites: Undetectable
Nitrates: Undetectable
Phosphates: 0.05ppm (Hanna Checker).
Alkalinity: 9dKH.
Calcium: 450ppm.
Salinity / Specific Gravity: 1.026 (Octopus Refractometer)
Magnesium: 1450ppm.
Temp: 25-26*C (300w Jager Heater, 500A Hailea Chiller)
1 x Purple Tang (Zebrasoma xanthurum)
2 x Ocellaris Clownfish (Amphiprion ocellaris)
3 x Lyretail Anthias (1 Male, 2 Female) (Pseudanthias squamipinnis)
1 x One Spot Foxface (Siganus unimaculatus)
1 x Royal Gramma (Gramma loreto)
Acropora Sp.
Montipora Sp.
Millepora Sp.
Stylophora Sp.
3 x Peppermint Shrimp.
Clean Up Crew
Strombus Snails.
Trochus Snails.
Turbo Snails.
Clean glass, empty/clean skimmer cup and fill up RO/DI resivour twice a week.
5% water change, dose Prodibio products once a week.
Every 6 months change media in Calcium Reactor, clean skimmer and skimmer pump out.
Every 9 months change tubes in PM.
The future of this tank is pretty much to let it all grow out now. I've run out of places for corals,
(unless I come across some nice frags) but I'd love to add a Blue Mandarin when I find one.
Other than that, this tank will grow out until I can find a spot big enough for my next adventure!
Would like to give a huge thanks to everyone here at RTAW, without this site and forums I wouldn't have learnt what I needed to learn to build a tank at all. Thanks to the sponsers of TOTM, Aqua Blue, forthe prizes. Thanks to my family for always lending a hand and an ear when needed and a huge thanks to my brother for helping me many times moving stuff around, sounding out ideas and taking some great photos. Many thanks to my friend Tyson ( for some frags and always wanting to talk tanks. Thanks to Kims Aquatic World for having such great SPS stock for me to choose from. And lastly, thanks again to everyone who checked out and voted for my tank, I feel very privileged to have my tank mentioned let alone be nominated as TOTM.

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