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April 2011 - TrishP PDF Print

Congratulations Trish and Jason on winning TOTM for April with your gorgeous hard coral reef.
Trish is known as Trish_P on the RTAW forums and you can find out more about their tank in their tank journal.


Our interest in fish keeping started about 10 years ago when we kept a planted discus tank. Things were going smoothly until we found a Local Fish shop in Adelaide called Marine Plus, which specialised in Marine tanks.  The comparison in aesthetics between a green planted tank and the colourful reef tank made it an easy decision to change. So began out journey into reef tanks more than 2 years ago.



Tank, Cabinet and Sump

The tank measures 5x2x2 and sits on a 2-pac white painted cabinet with 2 access doors and a grid to help with air flow.  The sump is a 4 foot tank, divided into three sections. The hood was made at same time as the cabinet and has same finish. 2 small fans are fixed onto the cabinet to help with cooling the LEDs.



Filtration and Flow

We currently have the Reef Octopus Classic 800, although we will be upgrading in next few months due either a Skimz or a Bubble King. There is about 80kg of live rock and a handful of macro Algae. Flow is with 2 VorTech MP40Ws placed at either end. Mode is in Reef crest in anti-sync which seems to reach the places where our corals are.





We have 3 of the Eco-Lamps model number KR-92. Each is 18 inches long which cover the length of the tank very well. We also use an Eco-lamps LED for our sump light.


·          Auto top-off

·          Haliea Chiller 250A

·          Schego 300W titanium heater, with controller

·          150L storage bin for salt water

·          2 x Cheap pumps for water transfer

·          Bubble Magnus Dosing pumps

·          2x Two Little Fishies Fluid bed filters

·          PSI RO unit




·          Prodibio – One Bioptim every week, one Biodigest every fortnight, Iodi and Stronti every fortnight, one Reef Booster every 3 weeks.

·          1/2 teaspoon Potassium Chloride every fortnight on alternate water change weeks

·          Use Randy Holmes-Farley’s recipe #2, currently Calcium is 80mL per day, Alkalinity is 70mL and Magnesium is 50mL.

Current Water Parameters

Temp: 25-27c
• Salinity: 1.026
• PH: 8.2
• Ammonia: 0
• Nitrite: 0
• Nitrate: <1
• Cal: 470
• Alk: 8.6
• Phosphate: 0.01-0.09
• Magnesium: 1320




·          Montipora spp.

·          Various Acropora spp.

·          Eupyllia glabrescens

·          Lobopyllia sp.

·          Various Acanthastrea lordhowensis




·          2 x Amphiprion ocellaris  (Clownfish)  Amphiprion ocellaris

·          1 x Zebrasome xanthurum (Purple Tang)

·          1 x Acanthurus negrofuscus  (Chocolate Tang)

·          6 x Pseudanthias dispar (Dispar Anthias)

·          Pair of Pseudocheilinus hexataenia  (Sixline Wrasses)

·          Pair of Gramma loreto (Royal Grammas)

·          1 x Gobiodon citrinius  (Yellow Coral Hoby)




·          15% water change every fortnight

·          Fortnightly testing - Calcium, Magnesium, kH, Phosphate

·          Activated Carbon changed monthly

·          Rowaphos changed monthly

·          Fill top-off container weekly

·          Twice a day feeding of corals and fish

·          Daily observation and check of equipment


We would like to thank everyone on the forums as the help here has been fantastic, especially Angie (Pebbles), Ben (n0rk) and Murray (Semillon) who have gone out of their way to help with any questions we had. Also to the MASAOG crew who have made this hobby fun. And finally, to Milton, Riki, Jackie and James at Marine Plus whose help, fantastic stock and willingness to answer questions has definitely helped us get to this stage.

Jason and I are truly humbled and honoured.

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