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November 2010 - Martin Ranger (old_mr2) PDF Print

Congratulations to Martin Ranger on winning TOTM for October 2010 with his CREE Powered Reef.

Martin is known as old_mr2 on the RTAW forums and you can find out more about their tank in their tank journal.


About 5 years ago I was checking out tank aquariums in Belmont and was amazed by the
marine fish they had available. This coupled with my fascination with Marine life that I
watched in documentaries; I immediately wanted to setup a marine tank. I started looking
online for more information and found I ventured into the hobby with a
2.5 foot tank which went well for a while but my inexperience resulted in several coral
deaths. I realized this hobby required strict testing/maintenance and I decided to try again
properly, and after lots more research, I setup my current 4x2x2 tank.


The Tank.

My current tank is a 4x2x2. The tank was built by All About Fish in Warners Bay. The
tank has an 80mm Eurobrace all the way around and has a corner weir. The back panel

has been painted black and the weir is covered with Black Perspex. 





Reef Octopus NW200 with Haliea 3500 pump
Occasional filter sock
30-40 kg Live Rock

The sump is divided into 3 sections. First section takes in water from the weir and also
houses the skimmer and heater. Section two contains an 8inch deep DSB and flow from a
6045 Tunze pump to stop detritus from settling. Section 3 houses the return pump.

Water Flow.

2x Tunze 6105
1x Tunze 6065
1x Tunze 7091 Controller

1x Tunze 6045 (Sump/DSB flow)




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