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May 2010 - Craig Buller (zeebull) PDF Print
Congratulations Craig on winning TOTM for May with your sustainable and flourishing LED driven tank. 
Craig is known simply as zeebull on the RTAW forums and you can find out more about his tank in his Tank Journal .


Well it all started about 20 years ago when I kicked the goldfish out of my little 2x14x14  tank , threw some coral rubble over the under gravel filter added a piece of bleached dead coral a couple of fake corals and a tomato clown and a blue damsel.From that day on I was hooked on this amazingly addictive hobby. My next tank was a standard 3 ft tank with chipboard stand and crazy wet dry filter set up with rotating spray bar that spent more time stationary than on the go.I then purchased a 4x18x20 complete package from pet city which I had for over ten years which got me through to my current tank.
The Tank
Display tank is a 5x2x2 with a  48x15x16 sump giving about 600lt total water volume.Which has been running since about October 2007 with all the stock from the old 4 ft tank transfered over.I decided to have a go at making the stand and hood myself which is 920 mm high and considering it was my first go at building anything since school, it turned out pretty good.
Natural filtration is handled by live rock in display and DSB and macro in sump. I have chosen to go bare bottom in the display after seeing the amount of detritus build in the sand bed of  the old tank despite regular vacuuming. Mechanically I run a ATB medium skimmer, filter sock, purigen and nitrate/ phosphate reducing Bio pellets in a fluid bed filter.
Water Flow
2x mp40w Vortechs ( which I change to different modes every now and again)
1x 6045 Tunze nanosream
I started of with 3x 150w metal halides and 2 t5 tubes but recently swapped over to3 x 70w  Eco lamps kr92 LED lights which I purchased through the MASA group buy.I run these at 2 hr sunrise
                                                       8 hr full daylight
                                                       2 hr sunset
                                                       3 hr moonlight
Other equipment
Have tried to keep the tank fairly simple so apart from Teco tr20 chiller and homemade auto top off everything else is handled manually.
Water parameters
Must admit this isn't something I check to often any more unless things don't seem right 

PH - 8.2 PH pen 
SG - 1.024 refractometer 
KH - 9 
on Salifert
Calcium - 400 
on Salifert
Nitrate - 1 on Salifert
PO4 - 0.16Hannameter
Temp -around 25-27 

Additives and conditioners
I drip 5lt of lime water every night to keep Calc And Alk levels right and also add a teaspoon of Aqua Z Calc and Alk powder twice a week which I find keeps everything pretty much were I want it.Was using Some of the Zeo products, coral vitaliser, sponge power and amino acid but have just started using some of the prodibio products.I use DIY fish food and spectrum pellets to feed the tanks inhabitants.
1x Paracanthus hepatus-blue tang
1x Zebrasoma flavescens-yellow tang
1x Zebrasoma xanthurum- purple tang
1x Pterosynchiropus splendidus- mandarin
1x Gobiodon okinawae- yellow coral goby
2x Amphiprion ocellaris- nemo, clownfish
1x Chromis atripectoralis- green chromis
1x Centropyge bispinosus-coral beauty 
1x Gramma loreto- royal gramma
2x Pseudanthias dispar-dispar anthias

A mixture of hard and soft corals including
Acropora sp.
Millepora sp.
Stylophora sp.
Poccilopora sp.
Montipora sp
Ricordea sp.
Anthelia sp.
Xenia sp.
Lobophyllia sp
Scolymia sp
Sympyllia sp
Eupphyllia sp
Acanthastrea sp
Gorgonian sp
I'm sure theres more in there but thats what comes to mind at the moment.
1x Red hermit crab
numerous Acro crabs and the odd hairy fellow
1 x 3 inch mantis shrimp that now resides in the sump
plenty of turbo and trochus snails 
some scary looking bristle worms, brittle stars and lots of copepods ,mysis etc.
Try to change about 100 lt every couple of weeks but being in Toowoomba doesn't make that to easy.( thankfully Paul from Clear Oceans comes up every 3 months or so with some water)
Clean the glass once or twice a week and skimmer cup at the same time.

Despite being in the hobby for more than 20 years it has only been in the last 5 or so since finding MASA that my knowledge and ability to maintain the wide variety of stock now available to us has become a reality. So a big thank you goes out to all the members that I have learnt so much from. Heres looking forward to the next 20 years(if all goes well)
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