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March 2010 - Dee Gjedsted (Deester) PDF Print

Congratulations to Dee Gjedsted on winning TOTM for March 2010 with his T5 SPS Reef. 

Dee is known as Deester on the RTAW Forums and you can read more about him tank in his Tank Journal .



I began my 1st reef tank back in early 2007 after many years of FW keeping. I had always been in awe of reef and marine tanks, but always thought they where way out of my reach in regards to maintaining them. I stumbled across RTAW one night and so the addiction and obsession began. I read everything I could get my hands on and tried to research as much as possible before diving into the reefing world.

My 1st tank was a RedSea Max 130 that was pretty much well a LPS based tank with a central bommie. This was a great starting point in which my reefing teeth where cut on, from there on in I was hooked.

In 2008 I relocated to Sydney from Melbourne and decided to go for a SPS tank, which was also my 1st fully custom built tank ... ever since I have been a full blown SPS junkie. I have always loved SPS tanks and love the challenge they pose in maintaining such a delicate ecosystem. Call me a sadist !

Many thanks to the RTAW competition team for voting my current tank as TOTM March 2010 ... it's a great honour !


The Tank

Display Tank 36 x 24 x 16h (230L) - 12mm Starphire Rimless Polished Edge.

Internal weir with main syphon, back up durso and return ... all within the weir. DUBV's used on all lines.

I have always been a big fan of the shallow rimless style tanks, which heavily influenced my decision on the dimensions and design for this tank. I also splashed out and went Starphire glass on the three viewable sides, which in my opinion makes a huge difference in the viewing of the colours, especially at 12mm thickness ... well worth the added expense.

The tank has been running for aprox 6-7 months now.

The stand is 1m tall and is a contemporary style in design, finished in a satin black.


Filtration for this tank is live rock and skimmer only. There is approx 20kg of live rock used with no substrate used (bare bottom). I went with no substrate in an effort to reduce the detritus that tends to accumulate in the substrate. I have found with this set up, minimal detritus settles in the tank and is kept in suspension with the high flow, that is then in turn skimmed out via the skimmer.


Water flow

2 x Vortech MP40W's .

Left Hand MP40W set to about 60% on Constant Flow.
Right Hand MP40W set to about 40% on Constant Flow.


ATI Powermodule 8x39W T5 Pendant.

Tubes from front to back.

1. ATI Blue+
2. KZ Fuji Purple
3. Actinic
4. ATI Blue Special
5. ATI Blue+
6. Actinic
7. ATI blue+
8. KZ Gen2

Light Period -
10am Actinics On
12pm Full Lighting On
6pm Full Lighting Off
10pm Actinics Off


Other equipment

Royal Exclusiv - Bubble King Mini160

Tunze Osmolator for ATO.

Hailea 150A Chiller run by a Eheim Compact 2000.

Tunze Adjustable 3000lph Return Pump.

Water parameters

PH - 8.4
SG - 1.026
KH - 9ish dKH
Calcium - 420ish PPM
Nitrate - 0PPM > 2PPM (rarely ever tested)
PO4 - never tested
Temp - 27c on average.


Additives and conditioners

I manually dose Damp Rid for Calcium and Baking Soda for Alkalinity at approx 2/3rd's of a shot glass of each daily.

Both Damp Rid and Baking Soda are dosed in their dry form straight in to a high flow area of the sump in the evening approx 30 minutes apart.

I also recently began to dose ZEOvit K-Balance Normal and ZEOvit Amino Acids after noting that my SPS colour was slightly washed out and faded. This in conjunction of feeding heavier has helped in reducing the washed out pale look in my opinion.



I4 x Chrysiptera Cyanea - Orange Tail Damsels or pitbulls with fins as they should be called.


Exclusively SPS and Montipora hard corals only.  Sorry I am hopeless with scientific names, so I won't even begin to try and ID the specific species of SPS I have.


A dozen or so Turbo Snails.
Various Symbiotic Acro Crabs and Shrimps.
A Mantis Shrimp or two.



Weekly 10% WC using NSW.
Weekly glass clean.
Weekly skimmer collection cup clean.
Twice weekly visual inspection of all tank equipment.
Daily visual inspection of livestock.



Firstly I would like to thank my loving wife and son who both put up with my reefing addiction, never ending spending, tweaking and all the "back in a tic" trips to the Aquairum and fellow reefers tanks.

A big thanks to all the MASS crew for all their help, support and frags over the past couple of years ... all you guys/gals know who you are !!!

Also a very big thank you to every one that keeps the MASA/RTAW wheels ticking over, the information and help I have received via this forum and network has been the biggest factor in the never ending learning and enjoyment of this hobby for me. Without a resource such as MASA/RTAW I don't think my reefing experience to date would have been as enjoyable as it has been ... great work to all involved !!!
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