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November 2009 - Sin Kovacevic (Milan04) PDF Print

Congratulations to Sin Kovacevic on winning TOTM for November 2009 with his little reef wonder!

Sin is known as Milan04 on the RTAW Forums and you can read more about his tank in his Tank Journal .





Firstly, i would like to say how excited and surprised i am to win November 2009 TOTM. Like most people i started with a freshwater tank approx 6 years ago setting up a 4x20x20 and keeping African cichlids. During this time i really wanted to setup a saltwater tank and was told that they were too much work and really hard to keep but i was taken in by the colours of the fish and corals that were available. A few years later and many mistakes made i am here with my current tank and loving it.


Current Setup


My current tank is a 3x2x2 which holds about 340L of water and has been setup since October 08 and has gone through many changes since then. The tank sits on a DIY 900mm high pine stand made without a front centre support so that i could remove the sump if needed, and i also built a matching hood to hide the lights and fans.


Sump and Refugium


My sump is a 2x18x18 is fairly simple containing 3 compartments Right hand side - Overflow and skimmer sectionMiddle - DSB and macro algaeLeft hand side – Contains the return pump, Phosphate reactor and the auto topoff





The main display tank consists of approx 80kg of live rock with only a 5-10mm sand bed just for looks. The overflow to the sump is fitted with 2 filter socks which are cleaned every 3-5 days and the skimmer is a Bubble Magus BM-150 (rated 600-800l).The sump also has a 20cm DSB with macro algae.




Water Flow


My return pump is an eheim compact+ 3000, rated at 3000lph.Currently in the display i have 2 x vortech MP40w’s and 2 x tunze 6045’s for plenty of random flow and a total of 33000lph.




Water Parameters


Ph – 8.3Calcium – 430Alkalinity – 7Salinity – 1.026Temp – 26deg





My lighting consists of a solarmax 8x39w T5 unit and i am running the following configurationBulb 1 - ATI blue plus
Bulb 2 - ATI aquablue special
Bulb 3 - ATI Actinic
Bulb 4 - ATI blue plus
Bulb 5 - KZ Fiji Purple
Bulb 6 - ATI blue plus
Bulb 7 - ATI aquablue special
Bulb 8 - ATI blue plus
The lighting period is10am – 11am - Bulbs 1,3,6,811am – 7pm – All Bulbs7pm – 10pm - Bulbs 1,3,6,8All bulbs are replaced once they are 10 months old.





1 x Zebrasoma flavescens (yellow tang) 1 x Pseudocheilinus hexataenia (sixline wrasse) 2 x Amphiprion ocellaris (Orange clownfish)1 x Synchiropus picturatus (Green spotted mandarin)1 x Salarias fasciatus (Lawnmower blenny)1 x Amphipirion perideraion (Pink Skunk clownfish)






1 x Aquaclutured clam1 x Stenopus hispidus  (Coral banded shrimp)  1 x Lysmata debelius (Blood Shrimp) 1 x Bubble tip anemone






Acropora.sp - Acros

Pocillopora. Sp

Montipora.sp - Monti

Euphyllia sp. – Torch Coral/Hammer/Anchor

Trachyphyllia – Trachy’s

Acanthastrea sp. – Acans

Blastomussa sp.

Lobophyllia sp – Lobos

Zoanthus sp. – Zoos




I am very surprised to win TOTM for my little tank and i would really like to thank MASA for awarding me this and all of the Volunteers and sponsors that make this competition happen on a regular basis, Thanks goes to all of the RTAW community for offering great knowledge and support in this hobby. A big thanks to Hunter Pets and Crossroads marine for supplying me with most of my corals and lastly my beautiful wife for putting up with me spending countless hours by the tank and at my LFS.  

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