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June 2008 - Justin Wong (Jordan) PDF Print

Congratulations to Justin Wong on winning TOTM for June 2008 with his stunning reef!

Justin is known as Jordan on the RTAW Forums and you can find out more about his tank in his Tank Journal.






My interests in aquarium keeping started from a young age due to my parents always having goldfish or tropical fish whilst I was growing up. I guess it was only natural for me to take it up as a hobby when I got older. There’s something tranquil and peaceful looking into the tank that I hope one day my own children will enjoy.

Current tank

The tank is a 4ft (122cm) x 14” (36cm) x 20” (51cm) that is approximately 230 litres.  It has a centre brace with a weir built in the left hand corner.  It has 6mm glass all round. I chose this size of tank because I wanted to have something that had enough water volume to help maintain stable parameters. Due to living in an apartment a 4 ft tank is probably the largest that I could have. In hindsight, I would really like to have a tank that was at least 2 ft deep.


The tank has been set up since 26th January 2005. Being a complete newbie to marine I started with the attitude of starting with the easy stuff such as mushrooms and other low light corals and ‘never’ wanting to keep SPS (how quickly and expensively things change!).


The stand is pretty much standard with the hood being modified to add height to install halide lights to replace the old power compact light unit.

Filtration of the tank is mainly through live rock I estimate about 45-50kg of rock in total and a deep sand bed in the main display. A separate refugium tank is also set up with another deep sand bed as well as for growing macro algae for nutrient export.

A sump, converted from a mini-reef setup, houses an Aqua C EV180 skimmer powered with an Ocean Runner 3500.  A return pump of 2500lph returns sump water back into the main display.  Another 1000lph pump feeds the refugium.

Water circulation in the display tank consists of a Tunze 6060 (6000 lph), A Nano stream 6025 (2500lph) and a modified Maxijet 1200 (around 5000 lph) which is about 58 times turnover.

Lighting consists of 2 x 150w shopfitters with 20K BLV lamps.  There are also 2 x 54W HO T5 with actinics which are no longer used as I find that the 20K lamps are blue enough.  The lights come on at
3pm and stay on until 1am.  2 Lunatracker moonlights are always on as is the refugium PC light.


Other Equipment

Auto topup is maintained by a Tunze Osmolater that is connected to a Tunze Calcium dispenser unit that provides kalk addition.  A Reef Octopus CR70 calcium reactor is also used to help maintain calcium and carbonate hardness levels. 2 desk fans in the hood are used in the summer to keep temperatures stable. 

Water parameters

Salinity – 1.026 (refractometer)

Calcium – 380-400 (Salifert)

ALK – 9dKH (Salifert)

Nitrate – undetectable (Salifert)

Phosphate – undetectable (Salifert)

Magnesium – 1400 (Salifert)

pH – 8.1

– 25oC – 27oC No chiller installed but temps are pretty stable even in summer (lights off on really hot days and fans turned on).



Seachem Advantage Calcium – used when calcium is out

Seachem Reef Builder – when alkalinity is out (the one thing that seems to always be depleting in the tank)

Epsom salt – used when mg levels are low

Zeovit Coral Snow – about 3 times a week mixed with Coral Vitalizer

Zeovit Coral Vitalizer – 3 drops per day

Kalkwasser in top up water (RO)

Fish stock

Paracanthurus hepatus - Blue tang

Zebrasoma scopas - Brown

2 Tank bred Amphiprion ocellaris (mated pair) – Clown fish

2 Chromis analis -Yellow Chromis

3 Chromis viridis – Blue/Green Chromis

Pseudochromis paccagnellae - Royal Dottyback

Gobiodon histrio – Green Coral Goby

Coral stock

Acropora sp

Montipora sp

Pocillopora damicornis

Seriatopora hystrix

Acanthastrea sp

Sarcophyton – fluro green leather coral

Fungia sp – green, green tentacled, orange


Duncanopsammia axifuga

Stylophora pistillata


Sinularia sp - green

Corallimorphs – purples, green striped, red, pink speckled

Ricordia – purple / green


Pachyclavularia – green star polyps


Other Inverts

Stenopus hispidus – Coral Banded Shrimp

Tridacna crocea – Blue clam

Trochus snails

Turbo snails

Hermit crabs

Commensal crabs




Glass is cleaned 2-3 times a week (quite difficult due to coral growth limiting movement of cleaning magnet)

Skimmer is cleaned at least 2 times per week

40 litre water change per week

Water parameters tested once a week

Manual removal of Bryopsis (Green hair algae) when things look a bit feral.

Feeding – fish fed once a day with Life Spectrum flakes / pellets / DIY food mix / frozen mysis shrimp / brine shrimp / nori.

Macro algae pruned about once a fortnight



Thanks to my wife for being an understanding person and putting up with this hobby of mine even after many floods, countless hours spent maintaining (going to the LFS) and of course turning a blind eye to the $$$ spent.

Thanks to all the great people on RTAW forums where I’ve learnt so much from and for the ones that put so much effort into providing us with such a great resource for the hobby.


Lastly, thank you to RTAW for selecting my tank as TOTM it is an honour to have even been considered to have a tank worthy enough. 

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