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January 2007 - Gavin Youngman (Guv) PDF Print

Congratulations to Gavin Youngman for winning the MASA Feature Tank of the month, for January 2007.

You can read up more about Gavin's (aka Guv on RTAW Forums ) tank in his Tank Journal Thread.

Tank in January 2007


Gavin's tank started from enthusiastic beginnings back in June of 2006.

Tank in June 2006, just been set up.

System Description

  • Tank: 800 x 800 x 800 mm cube from 12mm standard float glass with double bead black/clear silicon, strapped only on outer top edges (no cross bracing)
  • Stand: DIY pine and ply , 800 x 800 x 810 mm
  • Sump: Custom glass, 96 lt
  • Overflow: DIY Durso and syphon
  • Substrate: 'Limesand', 105 kg (150mm main tank DSB) - under 0.85mm diameter crushed shell and coral fragments
  • Live rock: Premium, 65 kg
Veiw of the tanks sump.


  • Lighting: DIY Modified Aquamedic NG60 (now a 250W w/ 4x24W T5 actinics)
  • Return Pump: Ehiem 1262
  • In Tank Flow: Tunze TS24 kit
  • Skimmer: Tunze DOC 9020
  • Fresh Water Topup: Tunze Osmolator
  • Calcium Reactor: Korallin C3001 w/ Tunze CO2 regulator
  • Heaters: Jagar 250 W - 2 Off
  • Sump Coolers: DIY 92 mm Vantec Stealth 12V DC computer fans - 2 Off



  • Escenius bicolor (Bicolour Blenny)
  • Pseudocheilinus hexataenia (Sixline Wrasse)
Sixline Wrasse
Maroon Clownfish (no longer in system)


  • tube anemone
  • countless Turbo sp., Trochus sp. and Cerith sp. snails
  • large selection of crabs
  • variety of feather dusters
  • numerous brittle seastars
  • few molluscs
  • millions of mysis
  • several mantis shrimp
Feather duster


  • Acropora sp.
  • Montipora sp.
  • Turbinaria sp.
  • Pocillopora sp.
  • Stylophora sp.
  • Porites sp
  • Euphillia ancora
  • Xenia sp.
  • Favia sp.
  • Favites sp.
  • Fungia sp.
  • Galaxea astreata
  • Goniopora sp.
  • Mycedium elephantotus
  • Tubipora musica
  • Zoanthus sp.
Variety of


  • Ozone generator (in the mail)
  • DIY Air dryer (underway)
  • DIY Calcium reactor second stage (underway)
  • DIY Dual activated carbon and phosphate filter (still a pipe dream)
  • Electrical cabinet / maybe PLC
  • Fish!! (At this stage 6-8x Talbot's Demoiselle are looking very appealing but we're kind of indecisive in these matters so choice may change again
  • Clam?
  • Sit back and relax!
Front view of the tank.
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