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Marine Aquarium Societies of Australia Inc - Dallas sp. Award PDF Print
The Marine Aquarium Societies of Australia is proud to award an annual Dallas sp. Award - For excellence in contribution to and promotion of sustainable reef aquariums in Australia.
We have chosen this name to honour one of the MASA community's longest standing supporters, a person who has toiled away since inception and has truly embodied the Australian and MASA reefing spirit in every context of the word. We have named this award to applaud the work of Dr Dallas B Warren as one of the architects and builders of the community that is MASA/RTAW, and to thank him for his years of patience and diligence for which we enjoy the fruits of today.
The name of the award is also intent on sustaining what has colloquially become accepted as the moniker for a particularly hardy green acro (the "Dallas acro" coral) that is commonly fragged among reefers and has reached a level of renown and integrated itself into the reefing community, not unlike it's namesake.
The intent of this Award is to move MASA forward and progress the development of reefing through the MASA Mission.
This prestigious award is carefully considered by the national committee each year and awarded to the nominee who is felt to have dedicated their time and effort to building the reefing hobby in Australia, and contributing to the growth of the Reefing the Australian Way (RTAW) community forum.
Possible candidates are broad in scope and may include, but not limited to, students/undergraduates/postgraduates, private researchers, research organisations, organisations or individuals developing sustainable aquaculture/reefing practices, a society, individual or organisation which has promoted and fostered the development of the hobby in their community.
Nominations may be self or third parts, and close in December each year. Please include supporting information as to why the nominee is a suitable recipient of this Award. The winner is awarded a once-off bursary of $1000 in January.
Sadly we cannot award everyone for their efforts, and we hope that each nominee takes pride in knowing that their nomination is recognition by the Australian reefing community of their efforts and contribution. MASA would also like to acknowledge each and every member of our community who has taken the time to reach out and help, foster or guide fellow reefers on their path, we are the community you make.

2014: Peter Fullarton (username: oceanarium)
Peter and his wife Leanne own and run Oceanarium, an aquaculture business just outside Perth, Western Australia. He has been a long time supporter of MASWA and MASA.
2015: Kevin Erickson (username: Kevin.Erickson)

How to Become a MASA Member PDF Print
To become a member of the Marine Aquarium Societies of Australia Incorporated, you simply become a member of one of the six local societies (MASAOG, MASQ, MASRQ, MASS, MASOV, and MASWA). Being a member any of those societies then then gives you membership of MASA.

By becoming a member of MASA, you gain access to additional information and resources, plus the ability to obtain discounts from marine aquaria related businesses (MASA Partners).

To join the appropriate local marine aquarium society for you, please refer to their websites for more information (refer to the appropriate link on the left hand side of this webpage).
Marine Aquarium Societies of Australia Inc Mission PDF Print
The Mission of the Marine Aquarium Societies of Australia Incorporated is;

  1. To act as an information resource for all Australian marine aquarists, whether part of a marine aquarium society or not.
  2. To bring the marine aquarium hobby together within Australia, to allow growth and sharing of knowledge and expertise.
  3. To work with all relevant organisations, both national and international, in order to;
    • Educate, inform, and support best practises for sustainability, and
    • Encourage captive propagation and thereby encourage advances in marine aquarium husbandry and further reduce collection impact on the environment.
  4. To offer assistance to hobbyists in the establishment and ongoing administration of local marine aquarium societies.
  5. To actively promote sustainable practices in the hobby, including, but not limited to:
    • captive propagation, both recreationally and commercially, and
    • drastic reductions in mortality rates during collection, handling and holding of animals within the commercial sphere of the hobby.
  6. To act as a political voice at both a state and federal level on issues pertaining to marine aquarium keeping.
  7. To provide common online resources to enhance the feeling of community amongst reef keepers.
Marine Aquarium Societies of Australia Inc Purpose PDF Print
The purpose of the Marine Aquarium Societies of Australia Incorporated is to be;
  1. an organisation representing the marine aquarium societies and interested marine hobbyists across Australia,
  2. an organisation who's purpose is to draw the hobby together throughout Australia by improving communication between marine aquarium societies. MASA is not a society on its own, and does not exist to replace or override the local societies,
  3. a way to present a combined voice for the marine aquarium societies and hobbyists of Australia,
  4. a single point of call for legislators, governments, commercial interests, lobby groups, etc. who want to reach hobbyists in Australia.
  5. a forum for Australian MASs to share information and resources, thereby eliminating/reducing duplication to the mutual benefit of all concerned.
The purpose of MASA is further defined in the MASA Mission.

MASA is not a society on its own and does not exist to replace or override the local societies.
How Marine Aquarium Societies of Australia Inc Works PDF Print

The Marine Aquarium Societies of Australia Incorporated is administered by a committee of representatives from each of the member societies. The role of the representatives that make up the committee is to represent the interests of their society in any discussions and decision making in the furthering of the goals of MASA and each of their own societies. It is the responsibility of each society for determining the method of selecting and communicating with each of their representatives on the MASA Committee.

The Marine Aquarium Societies of Australia Incorporated is an incorporated association within the state of Victoria.  Therefore, it has a constitution / rules that guide the operating of the organisation and a copy can be found here, MASA Inc Rules.

Hall of Fame PDF Print
This list is in recognition of those generous individuals, groups and companies that contributed to the inaugural MASA donation campaign. This campaign, conducted during August 2002, was run to generate the funds required to cover the start up costs to get MASA properly up and running.

The MASA Committee - August 2002
Who Does the Marine Aquarium Societies of Australia Inc Represent PDF Print

The goal of the Marine Aquarium Societies of Australia Incorporated is to represent;

  • member marine aquarium societies, MASQ, MASRQ, MASS, MASOV and MASWA, and therefore their members,
  • interested marine aquarium hobbyists with no local Marine Aquarium Society (MAS) available, MASAOG.

Whilst MASA does not purport to represent all Australian marine aquarists, any hobbyist may join an existing local society and therefore gain representation by MASA.  If no local society exists, a hobbyist can join the Orphans Group provided by MASA and gain representation.

Why Do Things Under the Marine Aquarium Societies of Australia Inc Banner PDF Print

Rather than rely on individuals to provide tools / forums for hobbyists in Australia, it is felt that by doing it under the banner of the Marine Aquarium Societies of Australia Incorporated, it is more likely to stay relevant and be resourced properly (e.g. members may come and go but hopefully MASA will remain or when someone is unavailable for a period of time someone else can fill the gap. This would not be the case if things if all that was available were websites run by individuals.)

It is acknowledged that not everyone wants to be a member of a Marine Aquarium Society and as a result this service is provided to all.  However we believe that MASA is the best way of representing hobbyists in Australia and therefore the best place to combine all the things that are located on the site provided by MASA, Reefing the Australian Way.

Marine Aquarium Societies of Australia Inc Commercial Independence PDF Print

The Marine Aquarium Societies of Australia Incorporated has a goal of being;

  • independent of any commercial interests, and
  • perceived as being independent of any commercial interests.
MASA and RTAW Banners PDF Print

The following banners, logos and images are freely available for anyone to use as a link to the resources provided by the Marine Aquarium Society of Australia Inc.

RTAW Forums Rules, Policies and Disclaimers PDF Print

This is a mirror of the RTAW Forums Rules, Policies and Disclaimers, which requires RTAW Forum registration to read.  Last updated the 7th of July 2008.

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